about the modality

REVIVE is...

a session designed to relieve muscular tension, decrease stiffness, and experience instant relief with Normatec full-body compression and massage equipment, and HyperIce heated percussion and contrast therapy devices.

A REVIVE session can...

  • Increase blood flow to flush out post-workout fatigue and delayed onset soreness
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Relieve mild aches and pains

A REVIVE session is beneficial for all bodies, including...

  • Endurance, recreation and casual athletes of all levels, especially after long or intense workouts
  • Anyone engaging in repetitive motion activities, including those that sit for extended periods of time
  • Frequent fliers seeking to get their circulation moving
We love REVIVE for the increased ease and mobility following a session! Jumping into a compression sleeve is like a warm hug. We feel re-energized walking away on fresh legs and with a renewed spirit.

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Session Details

What to expect:

Clock - Gymfit X Webflow Template
Normatec full-body compression unit; HypervoltGo; HyperIce X Knee; Venom Back
What to wear:
Comfortable clothing
What to BRING: