about the modality

GLOW is...

a session in one of our infrared sauna pods that offer infrared heat and chromotherapy lighting for an effortless and productive sweat. Bring your headphones, close your eyes, and drop into the warmth.

We offer private rooms in which to enjoy your GLOW session, and one double room to GLOW with a friend.

A GLOW session can...

  • Increase blood flow to stiff muscles and joints, to soothe mild aches and increase mobility
  • Increase your core body temperature and stimulate your body’s immune response
  • Alleviate symptoms of mild anxiety and depression through dopamine and serotonin release

A GLOW session is for all bodies, including:

  • Endurance, recreational, and casual athletes and exercisers looking to ease tight muscles and relieve achy joints
  • People looking to detoxify, cleanse, and sweat out impurities
  • People seeking to lift their body temperature and emotional state after a cold winter or a long day
  • Anyone seeking a safe way to increase stress resilience and breathe through mild discomfort associated with intentional heat exposure
We love GLOW for its accelerated recovery with heat and a relaxed atmosphere, helping to reset the body and mind for our next workout!

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Session Details

What to expect:

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Sunlighten Solo Sauna Pods
What to wear:
Clothes comfortable to sweat in like shorts, tank top, sports bra, or swimwear
What to BRING: