How To Incorporate Your Kids Into Your Wellness Routine

Ideas for incorporating your kids into your wellness routine

Lexy Rose | Partner, Coach & Head of Myofascial Education
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March 7, 2023
Ideas for incorporating your kids into your wellness routine

How To Incorporate Your Kids Into Your Wellness Routine.

The responsibilities of parenthood can totally change, and sometimes upend our exercise and mindfulness routines.

In hindsight, it's easy to see how much we took our pre-parenthood gym, yoga, and meditation time for granted, especially when our only option for “me” time these days is before the kids wake up, or after they’ve been put to bed (for the seventh time!).

While it would be easy to view our kids as barriers to our wellness goals, a more flexible approach would be to bring them into our practices.

By sharing our exercise and mindfulness time with our kids, we are modeling what good self-care looks like, creating healthy habits, and deepening our family connection.

While Upswell is the perfect wellness haven for parents, it also holds open doors to your kids, and is outfitted with a team of child-rearing folks that have creative ideas on how to incorporate your young ones into your weekly routine.

Here are some ideas on how to bring your kids into your exercise and meditation practices.

Teach your kids how to burpee.

Rather than having your home workout interrupted every time your little one needs a new activity or toy, encourage your kids to join you. Breakdown each exercise for them in the simplest description: “squat, hands down, plank, squat, jump”.

For the littles ones, give them each movement cue as a “Simon says” command, and then gradually build up speed. For bigger kids, engage them in a little healthy competition to see who can do the most burpees in 30 seconds. 

If your kids are 8 years old and above, bring them with you to Saturday UpSwoll with master dad and trainer, Greg Sand.

Meditate before bedtime.

After teeth have been brushed and PJ’s have been donned, invite your kids to lie on your bed, eyes closed, and hands rested on bellies.

Cue them to breathe like a balloon: “inhale/inflate, and, exhale/deflate”. Tell them to feel their hands rise and fall with the movement of the breath. To finish the meditation, guide them through a few ohms, pointing out the vibration of your voices in concert.

Anthony and Nicole Chavez teach Vinyasa, Ignite, and Meditation Workshops and continue to prioritize their personal practices amidst the energy of their kid filled house.

Reflect on gratitude at mealtime.

Sitting around the family dining table during a meal is a perfect time to thoughtfully contemplate the events of the day, and share them with each other. Encourage each family member to recall one moment from their day that they are grateful for, and the reason why.

Kat Sand teaches Vinyasa, and has a daily gratitude practice she shares with her two sons.

Take your kids along for the run.

Parents and kids need fresh air and movement, therefore, there is no shame in bringing your kids along for the run. 

If they’re small, bundle them up, strap them into the jogging stroller with a snack, and play “eye spy” as you circle the park. If they’re bigger, bring the bike along and encourage them to ride to a specific object ahead, and then back to you, throughout the duration of your run.

For running motivation and accountability, join cool mom Courtney Combs and the Upswell Run Club, with the option of bringing the jogging stroller (and bundled toddler!) along.

While the duties of parenthood may complicate the availability to workout or engage in mindfulness practices, involving our kids in our routines can provide a creative resolution, and a wonderful opportunity for modeling self-compassion, initiating healthy behavior, and prioritizing family bonding.

As parents, we all want physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy kids, who are growing and thriving on the experiences of life. By having a taste for movement and mindfulness early on, our kids will view and value these practices as an essential part of their wellbeing.

For more information about our movement offerings, recovery equipment, and anything else related to living your most vibrant parental life visit our website here or email our managing partner Dr. Kat Sand at

Lexy Rose is a Colorado native who began teaching exercise and personal training in 2008.