Fall Into Upswell 2023

This Fall, reinstate your self-care routine and seek out a place in your schedule for active recovery.

Lexy Rose
 min read
September 20, 2023
This Fall, reinstate your self-care routine and seek out a place in your schedule for active recovery.

The satisfaction of summer is found in the way the extended daylight changes our perspective around all that's possible before bedtime, and the collective loosening of the grip of the 40 hour work week. It’s like the school-aged child in us all is liberated for the season, bringing with them the spirit of abandon and adventure. The structure and rigor of our lives is loosened, and there is room to allow for a more relaxed way of moving about our lives. 

And then the snap-back of life and reality forcefully arrives with the conclusion of Labor Day weekend. Our pool days, long hikes, vacations, and late evenings spent outdoors are no longer considered to be acceptable, and there is a seasonal, self-imposed rhetoric around getting back on the health horse, and suffering your summer consequences.

But what if there was something to change your perspective around cleaning up your lifestyle come September?
This fall, Upswell is here for you as you reinstate your self-care routine and seek out a place in your schedule for active recovery.

Restorative movement classes are taken to a whole new level at Upswell, addressing the issues of strength, mobility, stability, all while feeling embodied and good in your skin.


BURN is the “mother of all core classes”, starting with the coordination of breath and deep abdominal activation. This class systematically mobilizes tight musculature, turns on stabilizers throughout the spine, shoulders, and hips, and progressively moves the body from a floor lying position to standing. If you think working on your flexibility is easy, come and find out how you are mistaken, as BURN turns mobility into strength exercise with real-time results in both areas of training.


POWER is a yoga-inspired approach to building strength, stability, and dynamic mobility through vinyasa sequencing. This class gives its attendees all the information they need to thoughtfully engage and activate the entire body in a way that builds a foundational understanding for how to hold oneself with muscular integrity in class and life.


RELEASE is a guided myofascial foam and ball rolling class, with the intent of releasing adhered layers of fascia and muscle, and correcting trigger point hypersensitivity. You will be guided through a body scan and parasympathetic breathwork for the full embodied and restorative experience.


POWER + RELEASE is the perfect blend of our original class formats. With the combination of foam rolling, lengthening, and re-engaging muscle tissue, you are re-educating the nervous system to approach movement from a more informed and efficient stand-point.


REVIVE is for the ultimate muscular recovery experience, as it combines Normatec automated compression, and Hyperice vibrational and contrast therapy. Renew muscle tissue, and restore it to a relaxed resting state.


GLOW is an infrared sauna experience, enjoyed either lying down in a pod, or upright in a cabin. The infrared sauna benefits are endless and include enhanced blood circulation to fatigued musculature, enhanced immune system function, and an increase in feel good and happy hormones.


PLUNGE is a cold immersion experience worthy of consideration and consistent practice. Cold water immersion research shows physiological benefits that include but are not limited to a decrease in systemic inflammation, enhanced immune function, increased brain function, decreased stress hormones as well as symptoms related to stress, and so much more.

While the end of summer can leave you with a sense of loss, and an impulse to repent for your summer sins, this perspective and approach to wellness can be quite punishing. Give yourself a reason to embrace the healthful change you are choosing to make this fall, and healthful practices you can look forward to.

Let Upswell support you in this change of season as you renew your self-care routine, prioritize your mind/body wellness, and restore a physical connection with yourself. 

For more information about our Fall Into Wellness 30 Day Active Recovery Challenge, restorative movement classes, recovery sessions, and everything else we have to offer, visit our website here or email us at hello@upswellstudio.com.

Lexy Rose is a Colorado native who began teaching exercise and personal training in 2008.